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Classic jewelry
at your fingertips.

Beautiful decorations, created according to your vision, will emphasize the desired effect.

Creation process

Together with Diamond Boutique, we share a passion for the beautiful, delicate look of our works. The easier it was for us to realize the dream of the creators of classic jewelry about the site and visual identity matching the precious jewels.

We decided on a light and transparent layout decorated with a delicate color scheme. Ecommerce store as well as the ordering system for personalized jewelry were made

in accordance with applicable standards of creation and Responsive Web Design methodology.

We know how to create transparent and mobile websites, which generate traffic on the network. We always choose the best solutions.

Mniej porzucanych koszyków

W każdym sklepie internetowym największym problemem jest porzucanie koszyków przez kupujących.
W nowym eSklepie Diamond Boutique liczba porzucanych koszyków zmalała o 32%.

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