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Online boutiqueEdg London

Elegant man
on the elegant site

Men's fashion is experiencing a renaissance, which is evidenced by the modern website of the Edg London boutique.

Creation process

Promoting the style of an elegant English gentleman guided the company
Edg London in creating an online boutique, which will show the direction of change
in men's fashion.

Style, grace, class is also the domain of our company, so the eButiku project, which would have a tangible impact on the aesthetics of the world around us, was not only an important task for us, but also a great pleasure. We have based the new ecommerce store
on Magento technology, which is well known to us.

It enables easy and transparent store management, thanks to the affordable CMS, which we have enriched with additional modules.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions, available for all types of devices. Innovative solutions.
We know how to create transparent and mobile websites, which generate traffic on the network. We always choose the best solutions.

Success on the British fashion market

A business card of the internet boutique is its website. This fact quided the
Edg London, which clearly affected the increased sales after the introduction of the new site.

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