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12 websites connected
in one CMS system

Luxury apartments require unique visualization.
Minimalist character gives class and seriousness.

Creation Process

In cooperation with Fenix Group, we created a website that reflects the character and splendor of the institution dealing with the renovation of buildings.

Together, let's take time back, enjoying the transparency and elegance of the Fenix Group website.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions, available for all types of devices. Innovative solutions

We know how to create transparent and mobile sites that they generate traffic in the web. We always choose the best solutions.

12 pages connected
into one cms system

Thanks to Responsive Web Design, website
Fenix Group is visible on all types of devices.

Constant cooperation
on subsequent projects

Together with Fenix Group, we are currently implementing an interactive map
and we are also preparing the Prague Penthouse project.

YSLAB Interactive
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