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Find the middle!

On the way to the meeting, we often overcome a longer route than our friends.
With InBetween - Find the middle! You can choose a place at an equal distance from each other.

Creation process

We love discovering new places where we spend time with friends. The InBetween application can find such places!

Creating the InBetween mobile application was preceded by making mockups and screens that were approved by the customer. Then we started creating the application code.

Thanks to this solution, we have effectively used time instead of generating unnecessary functionalities.

We know how to create transparent and mobile websites, which generate traffic on the network. We always choose the best solutions.

Thousands of downloads of the application

InBetween - Find the middle! it was downloaded for over 5,000 times. The goal to facilitate resolving disputes about the place of the meeting,
has been irretrievably ended. Thousands of users are still enjoying the opportunity to use InBetween in their daily lives.

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